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Brad Pickett




Brad first got into the world of fighting by taking up boxing as a second sport to football in order to increase his upper body strength.  He joined Wellingborough ABC, where his natural ability and power didn’t go unnoticed, and within 3 months was offered his first fight.  This resulted in a first round KO and Brad then went on to a successful amateur career of 11 -1 with 7 wins coming by way of KO.

It wasn’t until he moved back down to London that he began to try and find his passion for the sport.

He joined the Peacock Gym in Canning Town and despite enjoying the training, he never really found the appetite for competing he once had. It was at this stage that a friend introduced him to the world of mixed martial arts, by taking him along to the Elite Fighting System, in South London. In Brad’s first session, he got totally owned by a 16 year old, leaving him with a burning desire to learn the sport of MMA.

Brad had found his spiritual home and the rest is history…

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