Carlos Santos




Carlos Santos

Carlos Santos has been involved in Martial Arts since he was a young child. Having started with Capoeira, he then came across Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and has studied both for many years. Today he is a very well known Jiu Jitsu teacher and practitioner under the greatest grappler and 10 X World Champion, the legend Great Master Roger Gracie.

Carlos Santos is an avid competitor, always training, studying and developing his own game. His goal is to expand the art of Jiu Jitsu for everyone.

Carlos Santos, aka ‘Baiano’, has achieved the following so far:

European Championships- 3 X Gold, 2 X Bronze
World Professional Abu Dhabi- Bronze
Abu Dhabi Trials- 2 X Gold, 2 X Silver
London Open No Gi- 3 X Gold
London Open Gi- 2 X Gold
British Open Gi- Gold
British Open No Gi- Gold
Interclub Roger Gracie Academy- Gold
Senior championships- Gold
London Warrior Cup- Gold
Brighton Open- Gold
Bournemouth Championship- Gold