Mickey Papas



Head Coach

Head coach Mickey Papas heads up the gym and is a life-long martial artist himself having competed in Pankration early on in his career before helping to coach the UK team to gold in 2003. Forming Team Tiatn in 2004, Mickey has used his extensive knowledge of Striking, Grappling and Submission fighting to help train some of the best fighters in the UK.

His passion and dedication to MMA has been a huge reason for the success of the gym and its fighters. Connections with American Top Team, based in Florida, and the constant exchange between the two facilities have also helped to strengthen the Team Titan athletes. Along with the pro fighters in the bigger promotions such as the UFC, BAMMA and Cage Warriors, the gym boasts a huge number of up-and-coming pro fighters as well as swelling ranks of amateur athletes from those who compete to those who merely train for the fun and fitness that the sport of MMA offers.

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